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Texting in Modern Society

Texting in Modern Society When making a choice of a subject that others have not focused on, I usually reflect on it without any particular method or order. By so doing, the reflections appear in freedom and looseness of an essay more than the regularity of a discourse set. It is in this manner that I consider Texting in my present essay.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Texting in Modern Society specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More All the creations below and above a man are considered serious because he the merriest of all. A man will always see things in a different angle from other beings and, therefore, find his mirth developing from objects that cause things like displeasure or pity in higher nature. Texting is indeed an incredible counterpoise to spleen. As observed, the master pieces and vast souls of human nature were formed in the worlds first ages, a time when text messaging was not there. Men were strangers to little embellishments and texting which are more fashionable in the present days. They shined from the noble simplicity of their behaviors. Texting has tried to bridge the gap between the unreachable and the civilized world. In the gap, there stretches a treacherous barrier. There is no accounting for the best text, they spring up from anybody. They can come from people in whom, for many generations never had a slight idea attached to them. A persuasive text is proficient in consoling. A person in deep grief and sorrow will not feel like anybody else. There is nothing that can convince him or her otherwise. It becomes less heartrending than more pitiful to see them immensely cheerful while going about their businesses. In addition, it becomes particularly poignant to see them humming or whistling as they go, unconscious of their terrible quandary. The text gives them utmost which results to whole humored patience altitude, dutiful words of approval, and praises with pale damns. To cut the long story short, he or she is left with a firm heart that, everything is all right. The adults’ activities of all the species are much known to us. When you are not feeling well, who is the person that makes haste to your bed side with moods of blancmange which you have hated from childhood with unspeakable loathing? My dear, gentle reader, you are way ahead of me as usual- it is in deed the authentic text. The entire text effectively smooth out the bolster after you have just worked in the contented shape, screech into the room on less noisy tiptoe, affectionately lay on the delirious forehead damp cloths which trickle incessantly down your neck.Advertising Looking for essay on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The latest advancement in technology and the increased desire to be wealthy have made people extremely busy. Nowadays there are no people to befriend you. Everybody is busy trying to make ends meet . In times of illness, a text will always act as a comforter which makes the sick have hopes towards fulfillment of destiny. Texting reveals the truth in the statement that was given by Louis that, ‘we grow weary when idle† (4). A person is not only considered idle because of doing nothing, but it also includes doing great things that are not recognizable by the relevant ruling class. Texting is a great deal that is recognized in the ruling class. A person who drafts a text with an intension of creating an impact to somebody’s life is a hundred times better than a person spending the whole day begging. Both the beggar and the writer are considered busy but, the result obtained from their work is what matters. This is what makes texting recognizable in the diagnostic formulas of the ruling class. Some people may argue out that texting is time consuming, that is okay because they are right to some extent, but, the effectiveness of their statement is reduced when the benefits of the text are reviewed. If you look back to your life, am sure most of the time you write a text you realize afterwards how much time have gone. Texting makes your hands and brain so active and the act of being busy results to kinetic stability. I am much sincere that, you would confidently join me when I say that, â€Å"texting is a legitimate medicine for killing idleness†. One evening I was scrolling though my phone as I went through the old massages which I had not discarded. I slowed down to re- read a text which I had received from my former school mate a few months ago. I had not given much concentration to it when he sent me because I was listening to summon. It was a story of a tycoon who took his only son for a picnic to show him how poor one can be. They spent the whole day in a poor man’s farm exploring from one corner to the other. On their way back home, the tycoon asked the son, â€Å"Did you see how poor they are?† The son looked at h is father and said, â€Å"we have piped water, they have a river; we have a wall to protect us, they have friends to protect them; we use bulbs for lighting, they use stars; we read encyclopedias, they read a bible; I have seen how poor we are†. The text inspired me a lot, and I felt the need to share it with other friends. I edited a few words and forwarded to my friends whom we had not chatted for long. Later at night, five of the friends replied expressing how they felt after reading the text.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Texting in Modern Society specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The most startling and shocking thing happened in the morning when another friend appeared to me with a small bottle on his left hand. He was intending to poison himself because of some challenges he was facing. He had spent many days in distress with no one to comfort him. Do you still argue that texting does not encourage? Th is is just a single scenario out of many which happen in our daily lives. I am extremely sure that, people are full of stories to tell about how encouraging a text can be. A text can trigger the mind and make it focus on a totally different thing than the one it had. It is a fact that, texting is a productive mental exercise which functions effectively when sent to the right reader. It is a savior to people who have been dominated by slavery careers, people who have many alternatives and options to choose in life but all of them are the same, ‘giving up’. These are people who live a life of complaints, all they say is, â€Å"my strength has failed me†, and they have no better alternative than losing hope. People will always ignore many things, but advice is much of this. We find that the people giving the counsel as citizens who present a challenge to our mode of thinking and take us to be children. The instructions given by these people are considered as the zea l and implicit censure with presumption or impertinence. Due for this reasons, the art of making an advice agreeable becomes exceedingly difficult. It is from this weakness that I take the chance of considering texting the best method to give advices. Advising people through text is easier than through face to face conversations. This is because it is the less shocking and it makes it easier for people to talk about private and personal issues that one would otherwise feel shy to talk about face to face. A reader is also able to read the message several times and reflect on it. The advice intimates itself barely, the one reading it learns in a surprise, giving him or her wisdom. This simply means that a man is over reached as he follows the dictates of another. Reading the text gives a masterly ambition of the soul as well as gratification. When reading, everything comes out to him as a discovery of his own. He is simply busied to apply the circumstances and characters of the advise r (Addison, 3). At this stage of the essay, I intend to support the wise men who said that, â€Å"every thing that has advantages has disadvantages too†. We can all agree that all the people born after 1980 are digital natives. They have grown up under the influence of the new technology because they use it every day. Texting is as delightful as amateurish especially to learning students.Advertising Looking for essay on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Text messaging is time consuming because it takes time to write particularly on cellular contrivances like keyboards. Just like all other forms of writing, texting takes time especially on cellular devices like keyboards. For many years, ‘texters’ if so called have been saving time through the use of short hand commonly referred to as ‘chat- speak’. The form used abbreviations which include numbers, incorrect grammar, and symbols. Students are the most users of texts as they do it most often. This has highly affected them because it has led to extension of the habit to school related projects, job applications and in the real world scenarios. As Tomita puts it, texting has destroyed the way kids think, read, and write because it has reduced their level of critical thinking (5). Students have gone to the extent of instant messaging, which reduces time, resulting to conversion of formal English to informal one. This has made them unable to pronounce and punct uate correctly and hence poor performance. My question is; where will we get the professionals? Automatically, the answer is ‘no where’. Gone are the days when people could write compelling grammar and converse correctly. Unless something is urgently done in the learning institutions, we will end up with a society of a few or no competence personnel to work and serve people. This is the generation that uses small letters in place of capital letters. Are they the same people who will teach the future generations? I question the future of literacy. Our generation is ending; we better conclude that. There are very serious issues that arise from such things as social text sending. I think everybody will support me when I say that, chatting with friends by use of text messaging is as addictive as any drug. It is a natural, human tendency that needs to be responded to. These circumstances are much prevalent in places where the medium for communication are readily available. I n addition to that, text message conversations take longer than face to face conversations. But, is this a problem? This brings us to the second negative effect of text messaging. It has created a lot of problems in the social communication. It is not astonishing to hear a child say to everyone around him that, they are not valuable like the person on the phone. According to the survey done by Zogby International, there is a serious risk on roads. The survey showed that, out of a hundred people, sixty six text while driving. This is indeed a behavior that can be taken as compulsive as well as obsessive, and a stupid thing to do. People who are much addicted to text messaging do not live a comfortable life. You try to be in two places at the same time and end up, not in either, this leads to lack of comfort when doing things and it is a lousy way to live your life. To a person driving, texting is a vital distraction. It is devilishly hard for him, or her to maintain focus while texti ng and driving at the same time. This reduces the competence levels of controlling vehicles and increases the time of response to any danger. Texting while driving is equally risky as driving while drunk. The prospect of a driver getting into an accident increases while he is texting. It does not matter how well one drives, if one driver on the road is not careful, all of them are exposed to a danger of losing their lives. Even though, it is a not a consistent problem, texting do cause wrecks for which some are fatal. I have a pal who was lately involved in an accident because of texting on the road. It is only because he was not driving fast; otherwise, it would be seriously hazardous (Baggott, 2). Time wasting is another dissenting that makes my heart sunken. According to the survey conducted in year 2000 by Harris Interactive, forty seven percent of the teenagers felt that, texting reduces the time for socializing. It has led to deteriorating of social life. Fifty four percent of the female crowd concurred with this saying that; it leads to over- communication. A lot of time is spent chatting over pointless things. In the coming years, literacy will eventually fade away or deteriorate. The various aspects of literacy vary in respect to the types of media being used to pass information to people or to varying audiences. Switching to a linguistic mode from a text massaging language mode will be singularly appropriate to students because it will help them in addressing the teachers and essay writing. As per facts given in various researches, there is a very dynamic change that is happening in the world of text messaging. We need to act now. ‘Tomorrow’ will never come. It is the high time we settle the battle between the past and present. We need to bring down the texting technology that has dominated communication between young people to a lower level. There is a need to change the necessity and purposes of analyzing audience in a tone that will f ind intelligence and persuasiveness. Addison, J. On giving advice. Reading and resources, classic essays. New York. Penguin.1984. Print. Baggott, K. Literacy and text messaging. Technology review. New York. MIT. 2006. Print. Louis, R. S. An apology for Idlers. Reading and resources, classic essays. New York. Penguin.1984. Print. Tomita, Dean. â€Å"Text Messaging and Implications of its use in Education.† TCC 2009 proceedings. 15 Aug. 2009. / 8 February 2012.

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Hospital Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students A Guide

Hospital Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students A Guide SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Interested in pursuing a career in medicine? If you are, being a hospital volunteer in high school is a fantastic way to test out the profession. If you’re not interested in pursuing a career in medicine but still want to volunteer, that’s great too! Being a hospital volunteer is very rewarding, but it’s also a lot of hard work. How can you become a hospital volunteer? Why should you volunteer at a hospital? What are the main duties of a hospital volunteer? I’ll answer these questions and more in this guide. // What Are the Major Duties of a Hospital Volunteer? Hospitals often have specific â€Å"jobs† set aside for volunteers, and you can request your job preference. You likely will stick with that one job and won’t rotate duties. When you begin, you'll have an orientation and be trained for your position which is why you most likely won’t rotate. // Here are the main types of hospital volunteer opportunities for high school students: Greeter/Concierge/Information Desk/Customer Service:Greet patients and visitors to the hospital and help them find their destinations. Clerical Assistant:Assist with filing, typing, and answering phones. Mail/Magazine Cart/Flower/Balloon Delivery:Assist with sorting and delivering these items to patients. Dish Washer:Help clean dishes and utensils from patients and visitors. Patient Care Assistant:Assist patients to make them as comfortable as possible. For example, you might be getting extra pillows for patients or delivering meals. // For most hospitals, you’ll be expected to commit to volunteering for at least 50 hours per year. Shifts are typically 4 hours (though this may vary by hospital).Expect to work once every other week (though, again, this may vary by hospital). Depending on how many volunteers the hospital has you may or may not be working with other volunteers. If your hospital is low on volunteers, you’ll likely be working alone. If your hospital has a lot of volunteers, you’ll probably be working with other volunteers. // What Won’t You Be Doing as a Hospital Volunteer? As a volunteer, you won't be doing any actual medical procedures or advising patients. You’ll simply be there to help with more basic tasks (such as delivering things and helping visitors and patients find their way around the hospital). // How Do You Find Hospital Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students? To become a hospital volunteer, you should first conduct a quick Google Search for the hospitals in your area by searching, â€Å"[Town Name] Hospitals.† After identifying your local hospitals, locate each hospital’s volunteer program by Google searching, â€Å"[Hospital Name] volunteer.†This should bring you to a page forthe hospital’s volunteer program. If you’re having trouble finding the information online, ask your high school guidance counselor for assistance. They likely can connect you with either the hospital or with another student who worked as a hospital volunteer (who can tell you how to apply). // Each hospital may have slightly different requirements to become a volunteer, but here are the most common requirements I’ve seen. To become a volunteer, all applicants (regardless of age) must: Submit an online application Do an interview with the volunteer manager Get a TB test (some also require a flu shot) Attend a volunteer orientation Complete all forms Submit to a background check Some hospitals also require you to pay for a volunteer uniform, which costs $15-30 // For potential volunteers under 18, you may also have to: Be over age 15 Secure parental consent to volunteer Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school guidance counselor, principal, or teacher Commit to completing 50 hours of volunteer work in a year. // If you’re wondering why there are so many steps and requirements, it’s because you’ll essentially become an unpaid employee of the hospital.You’ll be interacting with their patients, and they want to make sure you’ll be a good representation of the hospital. Who Would Be a Good Hospital Volunteer Candidate? A good hospital volunteer is someone who is selfless, flexible, and be willing to do any job, no matter how small.Being a hospital volunteer will not always be fun.Many of the jobs require sitting at a desk, cleaning, or organizing.However, these jobs are necessary to keep the hospital running. Additionally, hospitals have a lot of emergencies come up, so your duties may get changed last-minute.You should be willing to do whatever is asked of you. You also need to be upbeat and enjoy working with peopleto be a good hospital volunteer. You'll be talking to patients and visitors a lot. You shouldn’t be shy. Many of the patients that you’ll interact with are in the hospital because they’re very ill.You might bond with patients who ultimately pass away.It’ll be hard to watch, and you’ll need to stay strong and positive through their journey. A good hospital volunteer should also not be squeamish.You need to be prepared to see blood, scars, etc. Remember, you'rein a hospital. It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll see someone’s blood being drawn or an IV being placed in a patient. If you can’t handle that, then being a hospital volunteer is not something you'd enjoy! While it’s a hard job, there are many reasons you should want to be a hospital volunteer. Read on to learn more about them. Want to build the best possible college application? We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. We've overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League. We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. We want to get you admitted to your dream schools. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. // What Are the Benefits of Being a Hospital Volunteer in High School? If you’re interested in a career in medicine, being a hospital volunteer will give you a good idea ofhow working in a hospital will feel.However, it may not give you the best insight into your specific job of interest (i.e. doctor, nurse) since you’re not going to be doing hands-on medical work.The most hands-on activities you’ll likelybe doing arehelping patients find pillows to make them comfortable, turning the TV on for them, reading to them, or pushing them around in a wheelchair. If you’re interested in getting better insight into your specific job, you should consider job shadowing a doctor. You canalso consider attending asummer medical program or doing a medical internship.However, you should know that you likely won’t be able to get much hands-on medical experience until you’re in college. Some high school summer medical programs offer some hands-on training, but it’s rare. While being a hospital volunteer is hard work, it has many benefits. You’ll meet like-minded and generous people who are donating their time to help others.As I said before, while you may not get great insights into medicine, you’ll get insight into the hospital environment and see if it’s a place where you could potentially work down the road. Volunteering at a hospital is also a great experience for your college applications, especially if you’re interested in a career in medicine. Being a hospital volunteershows colleges that you're serious about pursuing a career in medicinesinceyou've already dedicated time to working in a hospital. Also, it'sa free extracurricular experience that won’t cost you anything other than time (and potentially the cost of a uniform or TB test). Overall, volunteering at a hospital can be a great experience, and I’d recommend trying it if you’re interested in a career in medicine or want to spend time helping others. What’s Next? Interested in learning about other great extracurricular opportunities? Learn more about job shadowing, joining Model UN, and joining the high school newspaper. Interested in learning about other medical experiences? Learn about 59 medical programs for high school students. Learnhow to write about extracurriculars for your college application! Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Two questions about Mission Statment and one question about chairman Essay

Two questions about Mission Statment and one question about chairman messege about Husky Energy Inc - Essay Example 1). The company’s mission statement does not touch on any insight regarding ethical behaviors or conduct whatsoever. It applies to the entire annual report as it mostly focuses on business related issues of the company. The chairperson’s message on the annual report is uplifting. The message addresses issues including strategies for achievements and scoring end rather than on the losing end. The chairperson highlights that Husky’s portfolio is a reflection a general product mix of 73 percent liquids and oil in comparison to almost 69 percent in 2012 (Husky Energy Inc., 2013, p. 5). Slightly above 95 percent of all drilled wells in Western Canada targeted liquids and oil-rich gas. The chairperson talks of how the company has continued to steer a steady course in 2013, characterized by a balanced growth strategy. According to the message, Husky’s Inc. aims to sustain shareholder value achievable through the application of sustainable dividend to the former (Husky Energy Inc., 2013, p. 6). Clearly, the mission statement is about growth and perceived need to see progress of the company in the coming

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The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing in America Essay

The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing in America - Essay Example The American Marketing Association (AMA) is committed to promoting the highest ethical standards among its members. They are guided by the ethical norms that state that they should not harm; they should foster trust in the marketing system; and they should embrace ethical values (American Marketing Association, 2011). These ethical values include honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and citizenship. It is unfortunate though that not all companies honor these guidelines set by AMA; thus, the existence of numerous marketing strategies which are illegal and unethical. Unfair and illegal marketing practices of corporations are those where it withholds pertinent information or misrepresents information. Example, a bank marketing officer was able to convince a client to apply for a loan because of the low interest rates but later on the client realizes that if he prepays the loan, he will have to pay a prepayment penalty. The information on prepayment penalty was deliberately withheld just to close the transaction. This could be considered an unfair marketing practice by the bank. One popular legal issue that most manufacturing companies are faced today comes in the light of America’s concern for the environment. The words â€Å"biodegradable† or â€Å"environmentally friendly† are often seen in the packaging of products nowadays. The Federal Trade Commission and the National Advertising Division (NAD), and the Council of Better Business Bureaus have come up with guidelines regarding the use of the word â€Å"biodegradable† as many companies are loosely using the term to promote a better image for their products and to convince the consumers to buy them because they are â€Å"environmentally-friendly† (Gekas, Harrold, & Dixon, 2010). The legal issues in the packaging, specifically the labeling of products is one aspect in the marketing strategy which must be considered by organizations.

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An analysis of the Latin American Banana Industry

An analysis of the Latin American Banana Industry It is hard to believe that the bright yellow, delicious and nutritious banana has greatly affected Latin America and, in particular, Ecuador. As Latin America produces 83% of the worlds bananas, the majority of the bananas that Canadians consume are exported from there. Most of these are from Ecuador. (Hellin and Higman, 2002a:65) During my time in Ecuador, I ate a wild banana. It tasted nothing like the bananas that North Americans have access to all year round in the grocery store. It is because of my experience in Ecuador and the relationships that I formed with the indigenous people there, that I am very connected to this topic. The process of trading bananas that have been produced in Ecuador and then transported all over the world relates to the concept of comparative and absolute advantage, from the Classical liberalism theory (David Ricardo and Adam Smith) and Globalization. The primary goal in the classical liberalism theory is economic freedom. This could be achieved by rem oving all obstacles that could potentially get in the way of free trade and the market, such as regulation by the state. (Wagner 2010.) Globalization fits into the Classical liberalism theory as it functions around free trade, and therefore, requires the removal of obstacles such as tariffs. (Herold 2011.) It is because of the implications of Globalization and the concepts of comparative and absolute advantage, there has been an emergence of transnational corporations (TNCs) and multinational corporations (MNCs) in the Global south, for example, in Ecuador. In this paper, I argue that globalization, though may generally be positive development, can have a detrimental affect for the Global south, when it comes to the production of food commodities such as bananas. Theoretical Approach: The role of TNCs and MNCs in the processes of the banana industry are related to the concept of Comparative and absolute advantage from the classical liberalism theory. (David Ricardo, Adam Smith) Companies from the Global north (U.S and Canada) set up their production in the Global south, where the production of good quality fruit is less costly. The workers that work for these companies are paid substantially lower wages than workers in more developed economies where there are governmental regulations to provide standards of working conditions and wages. As mentioned in the article, Smallholder Banana Producers Need Policy Adjustments, Ecuador is an example of a country in the Global south that has a comparative advantage over other exporters in the banana industry. The European Union and the United States are the two major importers of bananas from Ecuador, due to Ecuadors fertile land, cheap labour and low chances of being impacted by storms that could potentially destroy the ban ana crops. (Hellin and Higman 2002a:29) Because Ecuador has this comparative advantage, the Global north will rely on them for bananas and not much else. As a result, this banana producing country must rely upon its trading partners in the developed world for providing other goods which are produced at substantially higher costs and therefore are very expensive for them and other developing countries. In the end, as mentioned in, Smith, Ricardo and the world marketplace 1776-2007, Back to the future, an imbalance of trade occurs between the Global north and Global south, where trade agreements between industrialized countries and the Global south are skewed against developing economies. In the majority of cases, the terms of trade between the Global north and Global south heavily favour the industrialized countries, therefore leaving slim pickings for the Global south (Sapsford, 2007). The Role of Multinational Companies in the Banana Industry Globalization has provided the opportunities for a diverse market of products, but at a cost. As Globalization increases, more MNCs and TNCs make their mark on developing countries by focusing on producing one commodity from those countries for the benefit of the company. As mentioned in the article, Bananas, the world trade of bananas is controlled by 5 major companies that control 80% of the market. These are: Chiquita brands, Dole Food Company, Del Monte Fresh Produce, Noboa and Fyffes. (Hamer, 2007) Although these five companies do not own the farms that produce the bananas for trade, they have control of the market for selling the bananas for export. As a result, they have the power to set a fixed price on the bananas, while controlling the wages paid to the producers. (Hellin and Higman.b. 5,11) The MNCs therefore control just under 90% of Ecuadors banana exports. Although there are independent producers of bananas in Ecuador, the majority of them sign contracts with these comp anies to guarantee a limited income, because having a low income is better than not knowing when you will be paid when competing in the open market. (Hellin and Higman, 2002a:65) This is another example of banana producers dependence upon multi national companies. Having to compete in the world wide market place for U.S farmers and markets is daunting for independent farmers, making them vulnerable to MNCs to swoop in and take advantage. The contracts that bind the MNC to the small farmers in Ecuador are very beneficial to the companies. While not directly controlling the farmers operations, the MNCs influence how farms are run by turning a blinds eye to working conditions and environmental management. As a result, because of their products low prices, farmers resort to using child labor with long working hours, or to neglecting the environment to meet production obligations. (Hellin and Higman:b.12) As farmers become more dependent on the MNCs, they are less likely to contradict what the company demands, or to take a political stand against them. (Hellin and Higman:b.12) The five multinational corporations mentioned above have substantial power in the banana industry by controlling the market of bananas and entering into lopsided contracts with farmers. They also have a large influence over politics and governments in countries where the farmers live. As the power that these companies have over third world governments is what caused the banana dispute between the European Union and the United States. The American banana exporting companies, with a vested interest in Latin America, encouraged the American Government to involve the WTO in the banana trade because of the preferential access that the European Union was giving to African, Caribbean and Pacific Country banana exporters (OPEC). (Hellin and Higman 2002a:5) These events are examples of how Globalization has had negative effects on the Global south, especially in the case of Ecuador. Scholars in, Could Developing Countries Take The Benefit Of Globalisation? argue that if certain countries in the Global South did not meet the criteria required of MNCs such as slack labor laws and nonexistent unions, they would pack up and head to the other countries, who are willing to enter into one sided relationships in order to have some employment. ( Foo and Bass cited in Could Developing Countries Take The Benefit of Globalisation?2006:731) Although employment is necessary for the economies of countries in the Global South to grow, there should be a limit as to what extent exploitation of the Global South and the workers is justified. Exploitation of workers in the Banana Industry: In the Global south, the exploitation of workers is increasingly a problem. Companies from the Global north move their companies to developing countries with lower wages to lower the cost of producing the commodities they sell to us. This is an issue for Ecuador. According to the article, Small Holder Banana Producers Need Policy Adjustments, the Ecuadorian government sets a minimum price that the MNC must pay the independent producer per box of bananas. This minimum price by itself barely covers the price of production. This results in farmers paying their workers at or below subsistent wages. The workers are afraid of losing their jobs, therefore they will not complain. If they were to complain, there would be many capable people waiting for jobs, as there are many unemployed people in these economies. This makes it easy for these companies to find replacement producers. (Hellin and Higman, 2002a:65) When the Chiquita fruit company, formally known as the United Fruit company, began using local farmers to produce their fruit in Colombia, there were many rules attached as to their business contracts. (Enforcing Business contracts in South America: The United Fruit Company and Colombian Banana planters in the twentieth century. Bucheli, 2004) As noted by Bucheli, in these contracts the United Fruit company had the option of not buying the fruit produced by the local growers; however, these growers could only sell their fruit to this company. These contracts guaranteed the protection of the United Fruit Company and left the fruit growers to deal with the risks and at the same time, if the fruit being exported was not up to standards, or if there was no demand for it, then the planters would receive no pay and could not sell the rejected fruit anywhere else. They would be forced to deal with the blemished fruit that was unsellable. The United Fruit Company created many rules in the contracts and were sneaky when it came to preventing fruit producers from joining f orces and forming their own company by issuing the contracts in a staggered manner; that is, the different producers at different times to hedge one farmers production against anothers. (2004) Not only do MNCs take advantage of the farmers producing bananas, but they also turn their backs on the immoral employment of children in the banana sector. Children are being employed in the banana industry from as young as eight years old, where they are put into jobs that require hard labor, the use of dangerous tools and exposure to pesticides and other hazardous fumes. Unfortunately, the Ecuadorian Government has not implemented strong labor laws to prevent this labor abuse of children, and therefore it will likely continue. (Ecuador: Widespread Labor Abuse on Banana Plantations. 2002) Workers Unions are a way of implementing regulations on working conditions and protecting workers rights. In Ecuador, Unions are found in the more formal sectors of work, which does not include the Banana Industry. These formal sectors are where the minority of Ecuadorian workers are employed, where an education is required. As a result, the majority of workers in Ecuador are not protected by these regulations and laws. (Ecuador Working Conditions) All of these examples portray how the American companies interested in the fruit of a developing country are only interested in profits and are prepared to take advantage of the disadvantaged circumstances of the local producers to maximize their returns, even if this leads to the degradation of the environment and the local population. Effects of the Banana Industry on the environment and health: With the increase of MNCs entering Latin America and exporting bananas, the environment and health of the workers within these countries has greatly decreased. As stated in the article, Major Concerns of Developing countries: Applications of the Precautionary Principle in Ecuador, Globalization has been one of the key reasons for the introduction of hazardous materials into Latin America. If the market remains open for free trade, it becomes very difficult to control what materials enter these countries and therefore hazardous substances are introduced into these countries to increase production. As well, the article states that it is much more difficult for developing countries to implement ways to prevent the impacts of hazardous chemicals to the environment and the society. MNCs knowingly take advantage of this by moving their companies to countries such as Ecuador, where they have not yet implemented rules against using certain bio-hazardous products. This leads to certain chemic als that have yet to be tested for safety reasons to be legally sold and then used improperly. (Harari.H, Freire and Harari.F 2005:249-254.) According to Ecocertification of Ecuadorian Bananas: Prospects for Progressive North-South Linkages, the production of Bananas is one that requires the heavy use of pesticides and other environmentally degrading fumes. These are necessary to keep up with the increasing rate of production that is required by the small farmers. (Castillo et. al. 2000; Clay 2004; Henriques et al. 1997; Muenos-Carpena et al. 2002 cited in Ecocertification of Ecuadorian Bananas: Prospects for Progressive North-South Linkages. 2007:262) The use of pesticides is not only harmful to the environment, but also to the workers. Hamer discusses in his article, Bananas, that even if workers wanted to complain about the impacts of the practice of these companies on their health, the company would more likely end up firing the workers rather than admit their faults. (2007) Unfortunately because there is a lack of education on how to properly use the pesticides, the risks that come along with these harmful sprays are even more toxic to the workers, as many of them do not receive the proper protective equipment. (Henriques et al.1997 cited in Ecocertification of Ecuadorian Bananas: Prospects for Progressive North-South Linkages 2007:262) As well, because of the large rainfall in Latin America, it is necessary to spray the banana plants repeatedly with pesticides, as the rain washes the pesticides off of the plants into the soil. According to the World Wild Life Fund, The banana industry produces more waste than any other agricultural sector in the Global south. (Hamer 2007: 24-27) In view of the fact that its climate and environmental conditions are more suitable for the production of bananas, the entire world relies on the Global south for their production. As the Global south produces more bananas, the greater will be its contribution to the decline of its environment. Globalization can lead to many positive events, such as uniting the world and bringing people closer through a freer flow of information, trade and ideas. In the production of bananas, however, Globalization has had a number of negative effects in those countries which grow them. Multi national and Trans national corporations continue to have huge amounts of power which allow them to virtually ignore any laws or regulations stand in their path of making a profit. In the end, the Global south and in this case, Ecuador suffers, as their workers are exploited and paid low wages while engaging in farming practices that degrades the environment.

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Group Discussion

Introduction Discussions of any sort are supposed to help us develop a better perspective on issues by bringing out diverse view points. Whenever we exchange differing views on an issue,we get a clearer picture of the problem and are able to understand it. The understanding makes us better equipped to deal with the problem. This is precisely the main purpose of a discussion. The dictionary meaning of the word Group Discussion is to talk about a subject in detail. So,group discussion may refer to a communicative situation that allows its participants to express views and opinions and share with other participants.It is a systematic oral exchange of information,views and opinions about a topic,issue,problem or situation among members of a group who share certain common objectives. G D is essentially an interactive oral process. The group members need to listen to each other and use voice and gesture effectively,use clear language and persuasive style. GD is structured: the exchange of ideas in a GD takes place in a systematic and structured way. Each of the participants gets an opportunity to express his/her views and comments on the views expressed by other members of the group.GD involves a lot of group dynamics, that is, it involves both -person to person as well as group to group interactions. every group member has to develop a goal oriented or group oriented interaction. A participant needs to be aware of needs of other group members and overall objectives of the discussion. Definition: Group discussion may be defined as – a form of systematic and purposeful oral process characterized by the formal and structured exchange of views on a particular topic,issue,problem or situation for developing information and understanding essential for decision making or problem solving.Group Discussion and Other forms of Oral Communication There are several types of oral group communication. In Public Speaking,the speaker is evaluated by the audience;however there is not much interaction between audience and speaker. Audience,for the most part would only listen to the speaker. In the interview,a panel of members would assess the candidate for the requirement of selection or promotion etc. In meetings,there are discussions on issues mentioned in the agenda. Meetings may have multiple agenda.A chairperson conducts the meeting and controls and concludes the deliberations.. Group Discussion differs from debate in nature,approach and procedure. Debates include representation of two contrasting viewpoints while GD can include multiple views. A GD may help achieve group goals as well as individual needs. The examiner observes the personality traits of several candidates who participate in the G. D. Importance of Group Discussion skills A Group Discussion helps problem solving , decision making and personality assessment.Whether one is a student, a job seeker ,a professional engineer or a company executive one needs effective GD skills. Students need to participate in academic discussions, meetings, classroom sessions or selection GDs for admission to professional courses. A job-seeker may be required to face selection GDs as part of the selection process. Professionals have to participate in different meetings at the workplace . In all these situations, an ability to make a significant contribution to group deliberation and helping the group in the process of decision making is required.The importance of GD has increased in recent times due to its increasing role as an effective tool in a)problem solving b)decision making c)personality assessment. In any situation of problem, the perceptions of different people are discussed, possible solutions are suggested. The best option is chosen by the group. While taking a decision, the matter is discussed, analysed, interpreted and evaluated. While using GD as a tool for personality assessment, a topic-a problem, an opinion or a case – is given to the group consisting of eight t o ten members seated in a circle.The total time given for discussion is usually 30 minutes. Each candidate is expected to voice his opinion and offer counter arguments. The selection committee evaluates the candidates on the basis of their personality,knowledge,communication skills and leadership skills. Hence it is important to be able to take part in the GD effectively and confidently. Participants should know how to persuade their group members, how to reflect leadership qualities and how to make the group achieve its goal. Characteristics Of Successful Group DiscussionFor any group discussion to be successful,acheiving group goal is essential. Following characteristics are necessary: Having a clear objective: The participants need to know the purpose of group discussion so that they can concentrate during the discussion and contribute to achieving the group goal. An effective GD typically begins with a purpose stated by the initiator. Motivated Interaction: When there is a good level of motivation among the members, they learn to subordinate the personal interests to the group interest and the discussions are more fruitful.Logical Presentation: Participants decide how they will organise the presentation of individual views, how an exchange of the views will take place, and how they will reach a group consensus. If the mode of interaction is not decided, few of the members in the group may dominate the discussion and thus will make the entire process meaningless. Cordial Atmosphere: Development of a cooperative, friendly, and cordial atmosphere avoid the confrontation between the group members. Effective Communication skills: The success of a GD depends on an effective use of communication techniques.Like any other oral communication, clear pronounciation, simple language, right pitch are the pre-requisites of a GD. Non-verbal communication has to be paid attention to since means like body language convey a lot in any communication. Participation by all can didates: When all the members participate,the GD becomes effective. Members need to encourage each other in the GD. Leadership Skills: Qualities like initiation, logical presentation, encouraging all the group members to participate,summarizing the discussion reflect the leadership qualities. Evaluation in a GDIn any kind of GD, the aim is to judge the participants based on personality,knowledge,communicative ability to present the knowledge and leadership skills. Today team players are considered more important than individual contributors. Hence the potential to be a leader is evaluated and also ability to work in a team is tested. The evaluators generally assess the oral competence of a candidate in terms of team listening, appropriate language, clarity of expression, positive speech attitudes and adjustments, clear articulation, and effective non-verbal communication.Personality: Even before one starts communicating,impression is created by the appearance,the body language,eye-c ontact,mannerisms used etc. The attire of a participant creates an impression,hence it is essential to be dressed appropriately. The hairstyle also needs to suit the occassion. Other accessories also have to be suitable for the occasion. The facial expression helps to convey attitudes like optimism,self-confidence and friendliness. The body language, a non-verbal communication skill gives important cues to personality assessment.It includes the posture of a person, the eye-contact and overall manner in which one moves and acts. In the entire participation in the GD,the body language has an important role in the impact created. As non-verbal cues such as eye contact, body movements, gestures, facial expressions, and so on can speak louder than words, examiners closely watch the non-verbal behaviour of candidates. They generally evaluate the body language cues of candidates to determine personality factors such as nervousness, cooperation, frustration, weakness, insecurity, self-confi dence, defensiveness, and so forth.So, it is important to be careful while using non-verbal messages. However, one should recognise the power of non-verbal messages and use them effectively. Content: Content is a combination of knowledge and ability to create coherent, logical arguments on the basis of that knowledge. Also a balanced response is what is expected and not an emotional response. In a group discussion, greater the knowledge of the subject more confident and enthusiastic would be the participation. Participants need to have a fair amount of knowledge on a wide range of subjects.The discussion of the subject must be relevant, rational, convincing and appealing to the listeners. One needs to keep abreast with national and international news, political, scientific, economic, cultural events, key newsmakers etc. This has to be supplemented by one's own personal reasoning and analysis. People with depth and range of knowledge are always preferred by dynamic companies and orga nisations. The topics for GD tests may include interesting and relevant ideas pertaining to social, economic, political or environmental problems; controversial issues,innovations or case studies.To read daily newspapers, relevant magazines and periodicals, to watch news bulletins and informative programmes on television are is a simple ways to gather the general knowledge. One can use the Internet to improve one's knowledge about recent developments in different areas. Internet is a valuable source to acquire information along with mulitimedia form. Subject knowledge also includes the ability to analyse facts or information in a systematic way and to place them in the context of the framework of one’s personal experiences. For the expertise in the GD, the only way is to practice wherever one can.The other members can evaluate the performance and give suggestions. Communication Skills: First and foremost feature of communication skills is that it is a two way process. Hence t he communicator has to keep in mind the listeners and their expectations. The participants need to observe the group dynamics. Since GD tests one’s behavior as well as one’s influence on the group, formal language and mutual respect are obvious requirements. One may not take strong views in the beginning itself but wait and analyse the pros and cons of any situation. If one needs to disagree, learn to do so politely.One can directly put forward the personal viewpoint also. One may appreciate the good points made by others;can make a positive contribution by agreeing to and expanding an argument made by another participant. An idea can be appreciated only when expressed effectively. A leader or an administrator has the ability to put across the idea in an influential manner. Hence the participants in a group discussion must possess not only subject knowledge but also the ability to present that knowledge in an effective way. Since oral skills are used to put across the ideas, the ability to speak onfidently and convincingly makes a participant an impressive speaker. The members of the selection committee closely evaluate the oral communication skills of the candidates. The effective communication would imply use of correct grammar and vocabulary, using the right pitch, good voice quality, clear articulation, logical presentation of the ideas and above all, a positive attitude. It is expected that there are no errors of grammar or usage and that appropriate words, phrases etc. are used. One should try to use simple and specific language. One should avoid ornamental language.Clarity of expression is one of the important criteria of communication. When there is clarity of thinking, there is clarity in usage of language. Positive Speech Attitudes is another criterion of evaluation in the GD whereby the participant’s attitude towards listeners including other group members is judged. The temperament of the participant is also evaluated through t he speech pattern. Listening Skills: Lack of active listening is often a reason for failure of communication. In the GD, participants often forget that it is a group activity and not a solo performance as in elocution.By participating as an active listener, he/she may be able to contribute significantly to the group deliberations. The listening skills are closely linked to the leadership skills as well. Leadership Skills: The success of any group depends to a large extent upon the leader. One of the common misconceptions about leadership is that the leader is the one who controls the group. There are different approaches to the concept of leadership. By studying the personality traits of great leaders or actual dimensions of behavior to identify leadership one can learn to cultivate essential traits of leaders.In a GD, a participant with more knowledge, one who is confident,one who can find some solution to the problem and display initiative and responsibility will be identified as the leader. A candidate's success in a GD test will depend not only on his/her subject knowledge and oral skills but also on his/her ability to provide leadership to the group. Adaptability, analysis, assertiveness, composure, self-confidence, decision making, discretion, initiative, objectivity, patience, and persuasiveness are some of the leadership skills that are useful in proving oneself as a natural leader in a GD.The leader in a group discussion should be able to manage the group despite differences of opinion and steer the discussion to a logical conclusion within the fixed time limit. The examiners will assess whether each participant is a team player who can get along with people or an individualist who is always fighting to save his/her ego. Employers today look for candidates who can work in a team-oriented environment. GD participants need a number of team management skills in order to function effectively in a team. Some of the skills needed to manage a group effective ly include adaptability, positive attitude, cooperation, and coordination.In a selection GD, the group, which may consist of six to ten persons, is given a topic to discuss within 30 to 45 minutes. After announcing the topic, the total GD time, and explaining the general guidelines and procedures governing the GD, the examiner withdraws to the background leaving the group completely free to carry on with the discussion on its own without any outside interference. In the absence of a designated leader to initiate the proceedings of the discussion, the group is likely to waste time in cross talks, low-key conversations, cross-consultations, asides, and so on.The confusion may last until someone in the group takes an assertive position and restores the chaos into order. It could be any candidate. In order to get the GD started, the assertive, natural leader will have to remind the group of its goal and request them to start the discussion without wasting time. A few examples of the ope ning lines are given below: †¢ Well friends, may I request your kind attention? I am sure all of us are keen to begin the GD and complete it within the allotted time. Let me remind you that we have only thirty minutes to complete the task. So, let us get started. My dear friends, may I have your attention please? As you all know, we have to complete the discussion in 45 minutes and we have already used up five minutes. I think we should start the discussion now. Hello everybody. I am sorry to interrupt but I have something very important to say. We are here to discuss the topic — † Human cloning should be banned. â€Å"—and the time given to us is just 30 minutes. Let us begin, shall we? Leadership functions during a GD include initiative,analysis,assertiveness and so on. GD doesnot have a formal leader, hence one of the participants is xpected to take the initiative. The leader will promote positive group interactions; point out areas of agreement and disa greement;. help keep the discussion on the right track and lead the discussion to a positive and successful conclusion within the stipulated time. The ability to analyse a situation is a quality of leadership. Analytical skills and objectivity in expressing opinions are absolute requirements for leadership. With patience and composure one can develop the analytical skills. Reaching consensus by considering the group opinion will make the GD successful.Assertiveness, that is an ability to bring order to the group by handling the conflict is another desirable quality of leadership. Self confidence is a quality which helps win the agreement from other participants. In GD, participants can make a favourable and forceful impact on the group by being persuasive and convincing. In order to be persuasive, one has to advance strong, convincing, and logical arguments properly supported by factual data and forceful illustrations. A firm tone and a sober voice would also help in establishing on eself.A leader's ability to convince others and make them accept his/her views and suggestions will establish his/her credentials for leadership. Leaders are charactrerised by a high level of motivation and can motivate others too. A person with motivation can work hard to do the best job possible and can achieve targets. Team Management skills are important for a leader to manage the members of varied interests. Some of the skills needed to manage a group effectively include adaptability, positive attitude, cooperation, and coordination. Try this quiz

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A Procative Approach To Improving Minor League Baseball...

Under the protection of Major League Baseball’s (â€Å"MLB†) longtime antitrust exemption, Minor League Baseball (â€Å"MiLB†) has continuously redefined and reshaped itself according to Baseball’s overall needs. But while MLB salaries have increased dramatically since the MLB reserve clause was broken in 1975, the salaries of minor league players have not followed suit. On February 7, 2014, a group of minor league players led by former minor leaguer Aaron Senne filed a class action complaint against MLB and three MLB clubs alleging violations of minimum wage and hour laws. According to the complaint, most minor leaguer earn between $3,000 and $7,500 working between fifty and seventy hours per week during the five month season. The wage and†¦show more content†¦Once a player is placed on a club’s 40-man roster, he is entitled to the minimum salary prescribed in the Basic Agreement, which for 2014 is $500,000 for MLB service and $81,500 for MiLB service. Historically, while the average minor league salary has risen by just 75 percent since 1976, the average MLB salary has risen by approximately 2,000 percent thanks in part to union representation and open markets. Regardless of the legality of the claims raised in Senne, MLB has an ethical responsibility to change the current system to ensure that minor league players are not livi ng in poverty by fairly compensating them for their hard work, both financially and with other intrinsic compensation. A proactive approach that balances the interests of players and the financial needs of clubs can solve these issues while retaining the development structure that clubs rely on. First and most simply, MLB should increase monthly salaries for minor league players. Having players paid below the poverty line is embarrassing for an organization that produces over $8 billion in revenue per year. To answer this concern, MLB clubs can take advantage of the colossal jumps in television revenue to increase salaries. MLB can also help, perhaps using some of the $750 million added per season by their new national media contracts. By multiplying the current figures by 2.5 (see Figure 2), a structure is created that gives all